Long ago, an Angel whispered:

"You may think we are dreamers, but really,
the person who is dreaming now is the one who never dreams..."
...Founders of SweetAngel Productions, Rorne Tan & Cassie Chung

Director Rorne Tan's FILM PROJECT (2010)


It’s been a great life 2010. For once I am trying out a marathon writing of 5 scripts at the same time. Clashing and conflicting my emotions of sadness, anger, excitement and horror at the same time.
1st project called “HORROR at 3AMhttp://horror3am.blogspot.com/ , soon it will be the greatest horror film ever shown in Malaysia. So horrifying that the producer or theater owners would have to warn all parents not to let their children to watch the film. I think Malaysia will show Korea and Japan how “The Ring”, "Ju-On" and “The Grudge” have only a second place in the Horror genre when “HORROR at 3AM” becomes the scariest horror film ever filmed not just in Asia but also in the western world. Even the experimental short film called "EVIL VIBES (Vol 2)" http://evilvibes.blogspot.com that created the idea in this new horror film had sent out a shock wave across Europe late last year particularly affecting western movie 
fans who have not seen Asian horror films before.

2nd project called “The Bloodsistershttp://thebloodsister.blogspot.com evolved under the original story called “The Bloodihood Storyhttp://bloodihood.blogspot.com was my personal and childhood film project since day one. This time with the introduction of Harley Davidson biking culture into the film, it will make western “Too Fast Too Furious”, Malaysian’s “Impak Maksima” and “Mat Rempit” look like child movies. Never before we see two different all male & all female gangs riding harley bikes fighting each other. One gang fight for revenge and another fight for honor in the Bloodihood bond. Not to mention this upcoming film has a magic moment of romance between a Bloodbrother and a Bloodsister that turned into a tragic unforgivable ending. I believe this is the only film in my projects that will make the audience jump up from their seats.

3rd project called “My One and Only Little Angelhttp://onlylittleangel.blogspot.com will bring tears to every father and daughter in the world. A film not just about love in a family but the struggle to understand God’s love and the way fate had been placed before them. Why God gives us happiness in the beginning and then gives us sadness in the end? Why a little girl has to suffer for the sins and wrongs of her father? This will be a touching and emotional film since the success of “MUSIC BOXhttp://musicbox-romance.blogspot.com a romance drama based on a true story about two lovers who were divorced ten years ago trailing from an unforgotten promise and a music box that binded their hearts even till today that was screened last year 2009 and won "Best Feature" in Cellesty Online International Film Festival 2010, USA. The sequel to this story called "MOON RIVER" http://moonriver-romance.blogspot.com is in the process of writing. It's about the life and turbulence of a man having his emotional clashes with his past memories of his ex-wife when he tried hard to love a new woman who never gives up on him but it was too late. Ironically, his past and his memories made him drown in the deep sea while searching for something coming from an undying promise to his ex-wife. This story will be another upcoming emotional film when the magic starts.

With all these projects in the pipeline, my executive producer and long time friend, Cassie Chung, has already chasing me to start a new one called "In Search Of Justice - A Lawyer's Dilemma" http://searchofjustice.blogspot.com , a legal drama that carries with it a new form of entertainment that I am not at liberty to elaborate or disclose. Time will come and you will know. In addition to this, a new approach to contrast the conventional James Bond movies is on the way. An upcoming project called "Jane Bond" which is a female version of James Bond has sent aspiring female models and new actresses screaming for the audition to take this role. This is definitely interesting enough to plan for the shoot not to mention to look for the right look for not a Bond girl but a female James Bond. A challenge for my casting team. Then there is this thriller called "The 4th Wife" which is a classic thriller tainted with Alfred Hitchcock twisted ending that is slotted next year 2011. In fact there are so many projects that are all lingering in my mind slotted for end of the year 2010 and next year 2011. Among them called "Jasmine's Sign" http://jasminesign.blogspot.com which is dedicated to someone very special and someone who showed me God's love; a Malaysian version of mafia story called "Godfather and Me" not to mention my all time favourite and possible competitor to my current 2010 horror project called "Werewolf Nightmare" http://werewolfnightmare.blogspot.com.

God! I am having the greatest job and greatest life in the entire universe!

So what some say I live in my own world now for I had been there and lived there and the difference is that they have not.

Until then, cheers and take good care!

Luv always
Director Rorne Tan
Independent Film Maker